Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Old Dog Poisoned?


"I hope the wind has not blown you away.  You will be sorry to hear that dear old Dash is dead, he died last Friday, he was posined (poisoned?)
Hoping you are all well.
With love to you all.  From us all, from Auntie."

Sent to

Miss Taylor
Chichester Place
Westbourne Sq

If we presume that old Dash was a dog, is the writer really saying that he was poisoned? Poor dog!
Unless I am misreading it.  But what else could it be?  What do you think it reads?  I would love your thoughts.


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Birth Announcement from 1906


"Dear Mrs Taylor

Just a card to say we had a little Daughter on Friday afternoon at 4-15 pm.  Both as well as can be expected."

Sent to 

Mrs Taylor
Chichester Place
Westbourne Sq
London W

Dated 25/6/06

Just a short note about their little girl's birth.  What a lovely message to receive .... and send!


St Valentine's Day ..... please!

Posted on the morning of 14 February 1907

"St. Valentine's Day Please"

Sent to

Miss L Reed
c/o Mrs Bardsley
21 Clevedon Place
Eaton Square

I do hope this Postcard arrived in time to reach his sweetheart on Valentine's Day!  In those days the post was delivered within London several times a day so she may have received it later that day.  No name so I hope she knows who it's from.

But what a strange picture to send!